Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Purpose
Dongkoo Bio & Pharma operates the CELLBLOOM online shopping mall (“Mall”) provides the internet related service (“Service”) of this website. This Terms and Conditions’ purpose is to define the rights, duties and responsibilities of the cyber mall and its users. 
*Electronic transaction over PC communication, wireless or otherwise all adheres to this Terms and Conditions as long as it does not apply so. 

Article 2. Definitions
① “Mall” refers to the virtual market, configured by Dongkoo Bio & Pharma to provide to users through communications means such as computers the transaction of goods and services (“Goods et al.”), as well as the operator of the cyber mall. 
② “User” refers to the members and non-members who access the “Mall” and are serviced by it according to this Terms and Conditions.
③ “Member” refers to those who have registered to the “Mall”, who can continuously use the services provided by the “Mall”. 
④ “Non-member” refers to those who use the services of the “Mall” without member registration. 

Article 3. The Specification, Explanation and Revision on the Terms of Conditions et al.
① “Mall” posts on the initial service page (Front) of Dongkoo Bio&Pharma the contents of this Terms and Conditions, Corporation and representative name, business office location address (including the address of the place processing customers’ complaints), phone number, facsimile transmission number, electronic mail address, business registration number, mail order registration number, private information manager and others for the users to know easily. However, the contents of the Terms and Conditions can be accessed by the user through a link. 
② Through a seperate link or pop-up screen, “Mall” must get the consent of the user so that before the user agrees to the Terms and Conditions, the user can understand important contents such as subscription withdrawal, delivery responsibility, refund condition. 
③ “Mall” may revise this Terms and Conditions within the range that it does not violate related laws such as but not limited to law on the consumer protection, law on the regulation of the stipulation, the Online Transaction Act, electronic signatures act, info-communications network encouragement of use, including, law, door to door sales, including, law, consumer protection law.  
④ Should the “Mall” revise the Terms and Conditions, it notifies on the front page of the “Mall” the date of application, reason of revision along with the current Terms and Conditions from seven days before application until the day before. However, should the revision be revised disadvantageously for the user, it is to be notified at least thirty days before application. In this case, “Mall” is to clearly display and contrast the contents before and after the revision so that the user can easily comprehend. 
⑤ If the “Mall” revises the Terms and Conditions, the revised Terms and Conditions is only applied to transaction completed after the date of application, with the previous Terms and Conditions being applied to transactions completed before. However, if a user that has already completed a transaction express the desire to be applied the revised Terms and Conditions within the date of notification as noted in clause 3 and has gained the consent of the “Mall”, the revised Terms and Conditions is applied. 
⑥ Aspects not defined in this Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions follows related laws such as Act On The Consumer Protection In Electronic Commerce, etc., laws on the restrictions of Terms and Conditions, Consumer Protection Guides in Electronic Commerce, etc as set by the Fair Trade Commission or other commercial conventions. 
⑦Consent to this Terms and Conditions means a consent to regularly check the online website operated by the company to change the changes in the Terms and Conditions. The firm is not responsible for any harm to a member or user that occurs due to negligence in changed Terms and Conditions.
⑧ A member that does not agree with the changed Terms and Conditions can request for the withdrawal (Unsubscription of Usage Contracts). If according to clause 4 the user does not express rejection to until the application of the revised Terms and Conditions, and the user does not express refusal even when such implies consent to the changes in the Terms and Conditions, the firm considers the user to have consented to the changed Terms and Conditions.

Article 4. Provision and Changes in Service
① “Mall” completes the tasks as follows.
1. Provision of information and conclusion of purchase contracts on goods and services.
2. Delivery of goods and services whose contract has been concluded
3. Other tasks as set by “Mall” 
② “Mall” may change the contents of the goods and services for future contracts in cases such as the depletion of service or technical changes. In this case, the contents and provision date of the changed goods and services are to be stated, immediately notified where the contents of the current goods and services are posted. 
③ If “Mall” changes the contents of a service concluded to provide to a user for reasons such as the good being sold out or technical changes, the reasons are to be immediately notified to the user via a notifiable address. 
④ For the previous clause, “Mall” is to reprimand for the harms inflicted on the user. However, if the “Mall” proves that it is not out of intention or is free from responsibilities, it needs not to. 

Article 5. Cessation of Service
① “Mall” may temporarily cease provision of service for reasons such as repair, maintenance, replacement of communications devices such as computer or communications interruption. In such case, it is to notify on its front page its cessation of service provision and the cause for such.
② “Mall” may limit or temporarily cease provision of service for inevitable causes like natural disasters. 
③ If “Mall” is unable to provide service for reasons such as change in business, forgoing of business or the merging of companies, it is to notify the user as set in Article 8 and reprimand according to initial conditions provided by the “Mall”. However, if “Mall” has not notified reparation conditions or such, it is to provide to the users their mileage, reserves or such with material that correlates with currency values used within the “Mall” or cash.

Article 6. Member Registrations
① The user fills in member information according to the member registration form as set by the “Mall” and express consent to this Terms and Conditions to request registration as a member. 

② “Mall” is to register those users who have requested registration as in clause 1 as members as long as they do not fall under the categories below.
1. If the requestor has been disqualified of membership according to Article 7, Clause 3 of this Terms and Conditions. However, exceptions are those who according to Article 7, Clause 3 have been disqualified for more than three years and have been allowed by “Mall” to re-register as a member
2. If there exists fake, omission or mistypes in registration content
3. If for other reasons the registration as a member is significantly difficult within the technology of the “Mall”
③ The establishment of member registration contract is when the permission of the “Mall” reaches the member. 
④ If there is a change to content registered during the member registration, the member is to notify the “Mall” the changes through measures such as revision of member information within an amount of time.

Article 7. Member Withdrawal and Disqualification et al.
① Member can request withdrawal to “Mall” at anytime, and “Mall” is to immediately process the member withdrawal.
② If the member is applicable to the causes listed below, the “Mall” can restrict or cease member qualification.
1. If false contents were registered for registration request
2. If the payment for goods et al. purchased through “Mall” or any other payments burdened by the member regarding the usage of “Mall” is not paid on time
3. If in cases such as interrupting others’ usage of “Mall” or theft of their information or other cases where electronic transaction rules are threatened
4. If action that violates the law, is prohibited by this Terms and Conditions or against moral standards are undertaken through the “Mall”
③ “Mall” can disqualify member status if identical action is repeated more than twice or its cause is not fixed within thirty days when “Mall” has restricted or ceased member status
④ In cases in which “Mall” disqualifies member status, member registration is deleted. In this case, the member is notified, and is given an opportunity of explanation at least thirty days before the deletion of member registration.

Article 8. Notification to Member
① If the “Mall” notifies to a member, it can be done through the email address that has been designated in advance by the member with the “Mall”.
② The “Mall” is to notify unspecified members, the notice can be substituted by being posted on the boards of the “Mall” for more than a week. However, for items that has major influences on the transactions of individual members, it is to be notified individually.

Article 9. Purchase Request
①The user of “Mall” requests purchase on the “Mall” through the following or similar measures, and “Mall” is to readily provide the following information for the user to request purchase. 
1. The search and selection of goods et al. 
2. Entry of the recipient’s name, address, phone number, email address (or mobile phone number) et al. 
3. The confirmation of content such as the contents of the Terms and Conditions, services with restricted subscription withdrawal, cost burdens such as the costs of delivery or installation
4. Consent to this Terms and Conditions and expression of approval or rejection of clause 3 above (eg. Mouse click)
5. Purchase request for goods et al. and its confirmation or consent to “Mall” confirmation
6. Selection of payment method
② If there exists a need for the “Mall” to provide personal information of the buyer to a third party, it needs to be consented by the buyer during the actual purchase request, not as a whole during member registration. At this stage, the “Mall” must state what personal information is provided, who is provided, the purpose of the usage of personal information and duration of possession and usage of the recipient et al. to the buyer. However, if differently configured according to related law such as the entrusted handling of personal information according to Article 25, Clause 1 of “ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.”, such is followed.

Article 10. Establishment of Contract
① For the purchase requests like those outline in Article 9, “Mall” may not allow under the following conditions. However, if the contract is made with a legal minor, it is to be notified that the lack of consent from a legal guardian can mean that either the minor or legal guardian can cancel the contract. 
1.  If there exists fake, omission or mistypes in registration content
2.  If a minor is purchasing goods and services prohibited by the laws protecting teenagers such as tobacco, alcohol or such 
3.  If for other reasons permission of purchase request is significantly difficult within the technology of the “Mall”
② The contract is considered established when the permission of the “Mall” reaches the users in the forms of receipt notification as per Article 12, Clause 1.
③ The expression of permission from the “Mall” is to include confirmation of the user’s purchase request and sale availability, revision and cancellation of the purchase request et al.  

Article 11. Payment Method
The payment method for goods and services purchased through the “Mall” can be done in any possible ways of the following. However, the “Mall” may not collect any additional forms of commission on the payment for the good.
1. Various sorts of account transfer such as mobile, internet or mail banking
2. Various sorts of card payments such as prepaid card, debit card or credit card
3. Online deposit without bankbook
4. Payment through electronic currency
5. Payment upon receive
6. Payment by points given by the “Mall” such as mileage
7. Payment through gift cards that has a contract with or recognized by the “Mall”
8. Payment through other electronic methods

Article 12. Receipt Notification and Changes or Cancellation of Purchase Request
①When there is a purchase request from a user, the “Mall” does the receipt notification.
② Upon receiving the receipt notification, the user may immediately request changes or cancellation of the purchase request in cases such as discordance with desire, and the “Mall” is to administer without delay according to that request before delivery if there is user request. However, it the payment has already been paid, the rules set by Article 15. Subscription Withdrawal are followed.

Article 13. Provision of Goods et al. 
① Unless there exists seperate stipulations with the user on the provision of goods et al., the “Mall” is to take necessary measures such as production of order and packing so that the good can be delivered within seven days of user subscription. However, if the “Mall” has received some or all of the payment, measures are to be taken within three business days of receiving some or all of the payment. “Mall” is to take appropriate measures so that the user can check the provision procedure and general procession of the goods et al. 
② “Mall” is to state the method of delivery for the user purchased good, payer of delivery costs for each method, delivery period per each transportation method et al. If “Mall” has exceeded the stipulated delivery time, it is to reprimand the users’ consequent losses. However, if the “Mall” proves that it was not intentional or responsible for, it need not to. 

Article 14. Refund
If the “Mall” is unable to deliver or provide the good et al. that the user has requested purchase for reasons such as it being sold out, it is to immediately notify the user its cause and in cases in which payment for the good et al. was received beforehand, it is to refund or take necessary measures for a refund within three business days of receiving the payment. 

Article 15. Subscription Withdrawal et al. 
① Users that have concluded a contract with the “Mall” for the purchase of goods et al. can withdraw subscription within seven days of receiving the contract related document as per Article 13, Clause 2 of “Act On The Consumer Protection In Electronic Commerce, etc.” (If the provision of goods et al. were conducted later than the receiving of the document it refers to the day in which the goods et al. were supplied or the day in which supply of goods et al. began). However, if subscription withdrawal is differently configured in “Act On The Consumer Protection In Electronic Commerce, etc.”, the legal regulations of such act are followed.
② The user cannot request returns or refunds in the following cases if the goods et al. were delivered to the user.
1. If the user was responsible for the destruction of damage of the goods et al. (However, if the packing et al. were damaged to check the contents of the goods et al. subscription can be withdrawn)
2. If the user’s usage or partial consumption has significantly diminished the value of the goods et al. 
3. If the passage of time has significantly diminished the value of goods et al. to a degree reselling is difficult
4. If copying to a good et al. with the same performance is possible and the packing of the original good et al. has been damaged
③ If in the cases of Article 2, Clause 2 or Clause 4 that the “Mall” has not notified the restriction of subscription withdrawal in a location that the consumer can easily see or did not provide sample products, the user’s subscription withdrawal is not restricted.
④ If the goods et al. contain content different from what is stated or advertised or was conducted differently from the contract despite the regulations of Article 1 and 2, the user can withdraw subscription within three months of receiving that year’s goods et al., thirty days within the day or recognizing or possible recognizing of such fact.

Article 16. Effects of Subscription Withdrawal et al.
① If the user has returned the goods et al., the “Mall” is to return the payment within three business days. If the “Mall” intentionally delays the refund of the goods et al., the delay interest rate as configured by Article 21-2 from “Act On The Consumer Protection In Electronic Commerce, etc.” is to be applied to the delayed dates, and such delay interest to be paid. 
② In refunding the payment above, if the user has paid through payment methods such as credit cards or electronic currency, the “Mall” is to immediately request the company that provided such payment method to cease or cancel the payment on the goods et al. 
③ In cases such as subscription withdrawal the cost required for the return of the provided good et al. is to be paid by the user. The “Mall” does not collect cancellation fees or reprimands because of subscription withdrawal et al. However, if the subscription is withdrawn because the contents of the good et al. is different from what is stated or advertised, the cost required for the return of the good et al. is paid by the “Mall”.
④ If the user has paid for the shipping cost when receiving the goods et al., the “Mall” is to clearly show who pays such cost in case of subscription withdrawal so that the user can easily know.

Article 17. Protection of Private Information
①The “Mall” collects the minimum personal information within the required range for service provision when collecting private information. 
② The “Mall” does not collect beforehand information required for the conclusion of a purchase request. However, this is not so when minimum, specific personal information is collected when verification is required before the purchase request to fulfill the duties outlined in related laws.
③When collecting and using the user’s private information, the user is notified of the such purpose and the user’s consent is asked.
④ The “Mall” cannot use the collected private information for any other reason than the stated purpose, and if a new usage purpose arises or is provided to a third party its purpose is to be notified and asked for consent for the user in the usage, collection stage. However, there are exceptions if configured otherwise in related laws.
⑤ If the “Mall” must get the user’s content according to clauses 3 and 4, items configured by Article 21, Clause 2 of “ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC.”  such as person in charge of personal information management (affiliation, name, phone number, other contacts), the purpose of collection and usage of information, related items on information provision to third party (recipient of information, purpose of provision and what is provided) et al. must be stated or notified beforehand, and the user can at anytime revoke consent. 
⑥ The user can at anytime request for access and correction of user’s own personal information that the “Mall” has, and the “Mall” has a duty to take necessary measures without delay. If the user requests for the correction of information, the “Mall” does not use such personal information until the errors are corrected.
⑦ To protect private information, the “Mall” should minimize those who handle with the user’s private information, and is wholly responsible for the user’s losses caused by the loss, theft, leak, unconsented provision to third party, falsification et al. on the user’s personal information such as credit cards or bank accounts.
⑧ When the purpose of the collection of provision of personal information is achieved, the “Mall” or the third party that received information from it is to immediately destroy such private information.
⑨ The “Mall” does not configure the consent box regarding the collection, usage and provision of private information as selected. Moreover, it is to specifically state limited service if the user does not consent to the collection, usage and provision of private information and that service provision is not limited or refused in ways such as member registration because of a user refused to consent to the collection, usage and provision of non-essential private information.

Article 18. The Duties of the “Mall”
① The “Mall” does not commit actions that is prohibited by this Terms and Conditions or are against moral standards, and that it does its best as set by this Terms and Conditions to sustainably and stably provide goods and services.
② The “Mall” is to have security systems to protect the user’s private information (including credit information) so that the user can safely use internet services.
③ The “Mall” is responsible for reparation of user losses inflicted by unfair labeling or advertisement as defined by Article 3 of the “Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising”.
④ The “Mall” does not send for-profit advertisement emails that the user does not want.

Article 19. The User’s Duties on ID and Password
① For cases excluding that in Article 17, the user has the duty of managing the ID and password.
② The user must not let a third party use the user’s ID and password.
③ If the user has become aware that the user’s ID and password has been stolen or is under use by a third party, the user is to immediately report to the “Mall” and follow any instructions by the “Mall” should there be instructions.

Article 20. The User’s Duty
The user is prohibited from committing the following actions.
1. Registration of false information when registering or changing
2. Theft of other’s information
3. Editing the information posted on the “Mall”
4. Sending or posting any information other than that set by the “Mall” (Computer programs et al.)
5. Violation of intellectual property of the “Mall” or the copyright of a third party
6. Any act that defames or obstructs usage of the “Mall” or any other third party
7. Act of revealing or posting erotic or violent message, video, audio and other information against moral standards

Article 21. Reversion of Copyright and Limitation of Use
① The copyrights and other intellectual property of works published by the “Mall” belong to the “Mall”.
②Users should not use information acquired in using the “Mall” website for profit-making nor make a third party use that information by way of copying, transmission, publication, distribution, or broadcasting without prior consent of the “Mall”.

③ By stipulation, the “Mall” is to notify that user should it use copyrights belonging to the user.

Article 22. Dispute Resolution
① The “Mall” is to install and operate a committee for the compensation of damages to reflect the fair opinions or claims raised by the users and losses from such. 
② The “Mall” shall promptly and properly cope with claims and/or opinions offered by users. However, in the event that prompt settlement is not available, it shall provide notification of the cause and date of settlement immediately.
③The “Mall” may follow the reconciliation of the committee on an e-commerce dispute, which is established on the basis of basic e-commerce laws and their enforcement rules, in the event of the occurrence of an e-commerce dispute between the “Mall” and users.

Article 23. Competent Court and Proper Law
① Lawsuits on e-commerce dispute between the “Mall” and the user will be according to the user’s address as per the suing, and if there is no address, to the local court that overlooks one’s address’ exclusive jurisdiction. However, if the user’s address or whereabouts are unclear or are residing overseas, that it is filed to the jurisdiction of the civil lawsuit court. 
②The law of Republic of Korea shall be applied to an e-commerce lawsuit between the “Mall” and users.

Article 24. Operation of Reward Points System and Usage
①  Reward points are awarded based on the “Mall” operation policy when a member purchases goods and services from the mall that awards such points, and when the goods and services are returned or refunded, the points accumulated at purchase is deducted.
② Reward points is a service system of the “Mall” that can be used identically as cash when purchasing an item but is not refunded in cash form.
③ Reward points cannot be disposed in manners such as transferred, inherited or provided security to a third party including direct family members.
④ During a special events season of the “Mall” or a discount item, reward points may not be accumulated, and the accumulation range of reward points may also vary.
⑤ Accumulated reward points are valid for a year, and points older than a year will be automatically depleted without additional notice. However, if there is a notice beforehand or special requirements when the points are given, it must be used within the valid period and points are used in the order that is was given.
⑥ If membership is withdrawn or disqualified, accumulated reward points are depleted, and cannot be restored once depleted. 
⑦ The policies for the reward points system will be notified seperately, and is subject to change according to the conditions of the company.